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7 open source programs for daily use

Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Firefox: Web Browser with all you can expect an immense amount of extensions, which can help you need, it’s fast and reliable, regular updates.

GIMP: Graphics Editor, very powerful, and with many capabilities, you can get great results with a little effort.

Notepad++: I am, an essential tool, if I install it on all computers that use because it reads text in virtually any format, and detects keywords multiple programming languages, and labels.

Open Office: A replacement of the office suite from Microsoft, the truth is that is very complete, and also fully compatible with the version of the Redmond company.

Eclipse: it is,  my favorite tool for Java programs, very useful, perhaps consumes many resources, but the results and additions make it very useful for developing applications of all kinds.

Videloan VLC mediaplayer: The player par excellence, powerful, fast and low consmo also full of surprises, every day you can descubirr new functionality.

Ubuntu Linux: The Linux operating system more usable and closer to the user use to Windows, is very complete, with few indications you can replace all the Windows XP functionallity appreciated by all (I say appreciated, because let’s be realistic, the many of us use it).


2 Responses to “7 open source programs for daily use”

  1. Yes, I agree with you! Go Open Sources! 😉

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