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7 more open source programs for daily use

aMSN: Real time communication with hotmail accounts, yahoo, gmail … An instant messaging program.

Thunderbird: The best way of not using Outlook, neck more, if you try, you may stay forever.

ClamWin: Antivirus, may not be the best int market but it is open, and that gives a bonus.

BitTorrent: With the craze that is talking about P2P, with a little luck decouple the mule, as the only global program of P2P. 😉

TrueCrypt: Really no one could expect that one of cryptography is not going to fall in this list, figure pendrive, hard disks, folders, whatever you want. It is a great tool for the security we enjoy.

PDFCreator: it serves to create a virtual printer, which prints, which is in PDF format, very useful, I say realemnte useful addition to Chinese it sounds, is easy to use.

musikCube: Music Player and iTunes control type library.


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