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Mariposa botnet

Mariposa botnet, is the largest network of zombie computers (computers controlled remotely) that has fallen into the history of computer security, for the uninitiated, explain what that is, a lot of computers, in this case 13 million, not I was wrong, they are about 13 million computers have been infected in some way (usually Trojans), a network of data theft, which are controlled remotely, this gave them access to information he had in They also used the network to launder money through betting and gaming.

His goal was to get money, but for the curious comment, it appears that controlling the network, not computer experts were even less, but that it had bought the network to others and what he did was exploit the resources that gave network and to sell those options to others. The less strange pyramid.

Panda Security is highly involved in solving this problem, and Luis Corrons (Technical Director of Panda Security, if I am correctly informed), is now in Madrid to discuss the issue, along with the Civil Guard and the FBI.

The case has been a global impact in that it speaks of data, which have affected users from 190 countries and it is information of some 800,000 users, their success against the security company has been in the speed that have changed the code of malware applications, as sometimes in 48 hours had modified the code and therefore could no longer be detected by the updates that did business.


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