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3 Free Software Applications to recover lost data

Diskgetor: Diskgetor Application to recover deleted data on your hard disk, eye, does not recover data from broken or corrupt disks, only erased, ie, the application reads the data “unsubscribe” by the indices of the hard drives, so that the files got deleted, can still be readable on the hard disk.

data recovery tools: Perhaps data recovery tools is an old application, but can they pursue files in different formats into the hard drive, again only recovers deleted data from hard disk.
hdrecover: hdrecover this if it is a damaged hard drive recovery, it is an application that can touch the bad sectors of a hard disk, the results, which are available are not always perfect and depending on the damage that may have the hard drive can recover data from hard drives that were broken before you start


2 Responses to “3 Free Software Applications to recover lost data”

  1. You should also check Genie Timeline Free. I do not need to worry when was the last time I preformed a backup because its a Continuous Data Protection Program I do not even need to set a schedule.
    It has a very intuitive interface and including or excluding files from the backup is as easy as right clicking it,
    I can also retrieve accidently deleted files this way- a very handy tool i believe.
    It recommends the best backup destination and the files i need to backup in categories that are easy to select. You can download it at http://www.genie-soft.com

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